Slaying The EnderDragon | EnderIpMan Tastes Like Chicken

Hey Guys…. This is video number two on a little series of videos I’m working on about living in The End. In this video we finally put a problem to rest….. LOL Don’t worry no Real Ender Dragons were hurt in the making of this video. LOL Have fun watching it and thanks for watching. […]

EnderDragon Pet – Living in The End with EnderIpMan

Hey guys so this video is based on living in The End. As you know that’s where you’ll find bunches of Endermen so I figured I would build a home there. LOL I thought having the Ender Dragon as a pet would be fun, especially in Creative. Well, I was very wrong. LOL You’ll see […]

Youtuber Parkour Map Pro Parkour Map – Hey Wheres my Face….LOL

Hey guys thanks for visiting my blog. This was a really awesome parkour map. Again, that I say PresontPlayz playing with someone on Youtube. It’s fun and trolling makes it even more fun. LOL Anyway, leave comments below and let me know what else you would like to see. Thanks, Go Team Enders! Alex Enderipman

Minecraft Speed Builders…Oh Yeah How I Beat Gwen the Guardian….Again | EnderIpMan

Hey guys….as some of you know….I REALLY love to play Speed Builders on Mineplex and this time I was up against some tough competition on Speed Builders. You never know who you’ll be playing against so sometimes the wins area easy and sometimes they are really hard. Well today it was a little bit of […]

Skywars Insane Win this was totally Wicked| Minecraft Minigame | EnderIpMan

Hey guys thanks for watching…so I play Skywars often on Mineplex and I get really into it and frustrated sometimes so I dont record it all the time. Well luckily this time I did record it because it was totally awesome. I went on my best win streak yet. On INSANE MODE I was able […]