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Walmart Kids Shopping Haul | Halloween | Stickers | Just Alex

Kids Haul Old Navy | Target | TJ Maxx | Ross | Just Alex

Spicy Fuego Takis Extreme Challenge

Hey guys this is the most fun I’ve had but wow it was hot. Those Takis are Extremely hot. Try them at your own risk. If you want to try a challenge yourself you can get your Takis right here. I hope you enjoyed seeing me doing this waterless Takis Fuego Challenge. I’ll be making […]

Ahhh I Fell in a Toilet | Minecraft Dropper Map – Ahhhhh Number 2

Hey Team Enders thanks for watching today. On this video we do some dropper maps. Especially number #2 which is well you guess what number 2 is. LOLLOLLOL It’s a lot of fun to play these maps and honestly I had to move on from some because they where just to hard. LOL But check […]

Super Minecraft Maker | Minecade Games

Thanks for watching guys this is a new server for me. I’ve never been to Minecade before. Big Thanks to DanTDM for introducing me to this server. I made a couple maps to play…LOL be nice those are my first maps. Anyway go check it out. It’s an awesome server and let me know what […]

Minecraft – Bowling Alley Tour and PVP to the Death LOL

Hey buys on this video we give you a quick tour of the awesome bowling alley map we played in the last video. Get the map on the link below and have a great time playing. Bowling Map Link http://www.minecraftmaps.com/game-maps/bowling Thanks for watching and being part of TEAM ENDERS!!!! Byeeeeeeee Alex EnderipMan

Minecraft – Going to the Bowling Alley

Hey Team Enders, on this video we play this awesome bowling map. It really is one of the neatest maps we’ve played. All the features are super cool and it’s so much fun to play it. If you want to play it go over to http://www.minecraftmaps.com/game-maps/bowling and download the map. Have fun Byeeeee Alex Enderipman

Finally Lucky Block Race Yay – Minecraft Lucky Blocks Mod

Hey guys so this was an awesome video to make…really. It was as fun as Pat and Jen make it look on PopularMMos. The lucky blocks are epic cool and playing with someone makes it way more fun. It was a little tricky to get it to work but it was worth the time. I […]

Lucky Blocks Mods

Hi everyone i hope when i put my new videos on YouTube you would give it a big fat thumbs up and subscribe. I hope you can comment down below on my channel of what you want me and Enderipdad to do next. I hope you like the lucky block race that me and EnderipDad […]

Roblox – How to Deal with Bullies – EnderIpMan

Hey guys….today I did something a little different. I’ve played Roblox before and I like it buuuttttt I hate that I cant save. Its a little annoying that you spend so much time building and then poooofffff. It’s gone when you log out. Anyway, this time I recorded because I was having a great time […]