Extreme Parkour Map 2 | Professional Parkour Edition LOL just like PrestonPlayz

Hey guys as you already know I really like to play Parkour maps and I like to watch the masters LOL do the really hard maps. So I got my dad to download the Extreme Parkour Map and we played it. It was really hard! Preston and the other guys make it look really easy […]

Someone Stole My Minecraft Skin… – EnderIpDad Took It

Hey Guys, this was a funny little video that my dad made with my skin. He really likes to play Super Paintball on Mineplex and guess what….. He actually wins sometimes. LOL Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Please share and subscribe for more fun Minecraft videos and feel free to comment down below. Thanks, Alex

Minecraft Parkour Challenge SnapCraft – Levels 4 – 7

Hi guys thanks for watching and visiting my site. If you watched my last video you saw I only did the first three levels of SnapCraft Parkour. This video is for levels 4-7. It was a lot of fun doing it but trust me guys it starts to get really hard in some parts. Especially […]

Yay Minecraft Parkour Challenge – SnapCraft Levels 1-3 | Minecraft

Hey guys for those of you who love parkour like me…sometimes…. lol. There’s a really cool parkour challenge over at SnapCraft. The levels are challenging and some area easy but best of all there’s checkpoints and after you logoff the sever saves your place so you don’t have to do all the same levels. That […]

Extreme Parkour Map | Why did I Do This Map? Aaaaaarh

Hey guys if you follow Minecraft videos I’m almost sure you’ve probably seen some youtubers do this map. It’s really cool…..if you’re good at parkour. If you’re not…..hold on to your hair take a breath and go for it. It’s really cool and some sections are easy and fun to do but man o man […]